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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility in the Local Community

One priority for the corporate culture of Hamburger Hungaria is to give back as much as possible to the local communities in which we work. As one of the most significant economic actors of the region, we feel our responsibility toward the people of the region – and especially the residents of Dunaújváros. Support for culture and education is a responsibility especially close to our heart. We make great contributions to the operation of several educational and non-profit institutions in Dunaújváros, contribute to the successful organization of several major regional events, and to several smaller village fairs and festivals. The company open days and family days are not only visited by our coworkers’ families but also by the people living in the area. We also pay special attention to healthcare, and in this spirit, we regularly make contributions to help modernize Saint Pantaleon Hospital of Dunaújváros. Moreover, we strive to be a supportive force in the field of sports and youth training.

Promoting Paper in the Industry's Interest

The Prinzhorn Group is the key actor of the domestic papermaking market, therefore the company assumes a great deal of advocacy activities. Relying on its experience in the industry, Hamburger Hungaria cooperates with CSAOSZ (National Association of Packaging and Material Handling), MGYOSZ (Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists) and the Confederation of European Paper Industries – CEPI regarding their activities for the preparation of decision making.
Our involvement with the professional bodies’ activities gives us the opportunity to represent the interests of the paper industry, contribute with our opinions to the lawmaking process and we also gain precious insight into the sustainability issues and challenges relevant for the whole sector.

Visitor Center and Hungarian Paper Museum

Declaring the responsibility of the management for the past of the paper and paper production Hamburger Hungaria opened a museum and visitor center of 1000 m2 for the Hungarian and international  paper manufacturing memorabilia.
Visitors of our Visitor Center and Paper Museum can gain insight into the sustainable economic cycle of the company’s operation, as well as see a large number of peculiarities and extraordinary items of the international and domestic history of paper industry.
E-mail: papirmuzeum(at)


Power Plant at Hamburger Hungaria Site


To minimize the environmental impact, modern exhaust gas cleaning equipment is operated in the power plant, consequently, exhaust gas virtually remains unnoticed for the residents of nearby settlements. 97% of waste – slag, fly ash, metal, plastic – generated by the operation of the power plant is recycled in, for example, recultivation or road construction.
The power plant uses coal, biomass, paper mill wastes, biogas and natural gas  as fuels and consists of three main units:

1. The fuel handling system consists of the receiving stations and the storage units of the materials that are used as fuel, and preparing them for firing. The fuels are transported from the receiving stations and storages to the boiler through the processing systems with the aid of conveyors.

2. The nominal output of the boiler is 172 MW. The boiler is implemented with circulating fluidized technology which means upwards jets of air cause the fuel particles to be suspended in a hot fluidized bed together with bed ash and sand. The combustion air gets into the furnace through nozzles installed at the bottom of the fluidized bed. Thus, the solid fuels and gases mix intensively and quickly which results in good heat transfer and chemical reactions.

3. The maximum capacity of the extraction condensing turbine is 45 MW. The nominal speed of the machine is 5500 rpm. The rotor is made of solid forged steel, whereas the high pressure front casing is made of cast steel, and the low pressure casing is a welded construction. The required amount of steam (120-160 t/h) is supplied with 7.5 bar pressure for paper production from the turbine extraction. Generator data: nominal output 52,6 MVA, nominal voltage 11,0 kV, current 2760 A, and speed 1500 rpm. The wet cooling tower has three units. Nominal capacity: 45 MW, surface requirement 30 * 10 m. The diameter of the fans is 6 m.

Biogas fuelled small power station

During the treatment of waste water from the production lines of Hamburger Hungaria Ltd., approximately 23.3 MJ/m3 biogas with a calorific value is generated, what is used for production of electricity and heat. as renewable source of energy. The efficiency of conversion is 86.3%.
The two gas-fuelled engines are equipped with generators of 1200 kW nominal power each. The heat derived from the cooling of the gas-fuelled engines and from the flue gas (2 x 1321 kW) is utilized for the pre-heating of the CFB boiler feed-water.

Main components:

  • Biogas cleaning system
  • Biogas transport system, pressure boosters
  • Gas-fuelled engines, generators
  • Cooling systems, heat exchangers
  • Switching apparatus for connection to the electricity network and 22/0,4 kV  transformers
  • 1120 m long, 22 kV electric line at the production site