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Local Gelsenkirchen

We stick close together!

The flood disasters in North Rhine-Westphalia and other federal states and the fates associated with them are currently keeping us all very busy.

Among the victims are customers, suppliers and possibly colleagues, families and children who have been affected in some way. It is hard for us to imagine how people must live on after one of the worst environmental disasters. But we can make a small contribution to making life a little more livable again for those affected by donating to the following organizations:

Charity bicycle tours for the RTL Foundation "We help children" - the donation will benefit KITAS that have been destroyed by the floods.

Lichtblicke e.V., an association that mainly helps traumatized children and young people and their families who have lost relatives and their homes in the floods.

City of Hagen, which, among other things, sends children from flooded areas on holiday to a tent camp in Münsterland.


Charity Bicycle tour_ Donation amount 1.500 €

Lichtblicke _Donation amount 1.500 €

Stadt Hagen_ Donation amount 1.500 €
Pressemitteilungen - Stadt Hagen


Many thanks to the management for making this great action possible.


Stay healthy!


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Susanne Frauenstein