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Hamburger fulfills heart's desire

With his new therapy device, little Akan (6) can stand upright for the first time, move and even take steps himself.


At the beginning of the year, W. Hamburger donated 10,000 € to the Kindertraum Foundation, which cares about the special wishes and concerns of children with disabilities and serious illnesses. With the money, Akan's heart's desire for a special therapy device has now been fulfilled. The six-year-old has no body control due to cerebral palsy, epilepsy and a rare metabolic disorder and therefore cannot sit, walk, grasp or speak independently. A therapy device purchased for donation money can now significantly increase Akan's ability to move and thus the quality of life. With the special trainer, Akan will be able to perform whole body exercises despite his illness, which boosts muscle building and at the same time improves the condition and posture of the boy. 


"As a family business that has been successfully operating in Lower Austria for generations, we want to give something back to society and help those who need help. It is nice that with this donation we were able to make a young person happy and give a noticeably better quality of life," says Josef Krenn, plant manager of W. Hamburger Pitten, delighted at the certainty that Akan can now stand upright for the first time thanks to the special trainer and even take a few  steps  himself.