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Local Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen packt an – Warm durch die Nacht e.V.

Gelsenkirchen packt an – Warm durch die Nacht e.V. (Gelsenkirchen takes care – warm through the Night) is a Citizens initiative, which was founded in December 2014 and works since March 2016 as a registered association on a voluntary basis. The Idea is to take care of homeless people and people in need, supply them in the evening with hot Soup, Coffee, Tea, Clothes and fresh Fruits, to get “warm through the Night”.

That includes meetings and conversations with the people on an “eye level”.

The “Active Ones” are regular people, with a normal Life, Jobs and Families. Most of them, are like „You“, who want to take care or help, but sometimes have a bad feeling about giving money into a cup on the streets.

Gelsenkirchen packt an- Warm durch die Nacht e.V., is the opportunity to help directly on point and see, what can be achieved.

There are many people, from different reasons, who are not able to afford, a warm meal or even a shelter. Sometimes it is more important to listen to the people, without judging, to put it into question or to bluster. It is about giving a helping Hand, giving the right addresses for drop-in points or simply “to be there”.

Primarily the Initiative is funded by donations of food, clothes and money and lives from the support of the many people, who work on a voluntary basis, with the given Goal that a “shared sorrow is a halved sorrow”.


During the hot summer month, out of an idea, we decided in Gelsenkirchen, to sell packaged Ice-Cream and sustainable produced Beverages (e.g. organic lemonade) to our colleagues and contractors. With the fair prices, every sold Ice-Cream or Drink, earned a “extra cent” for the Donation-Box. Based on our open communication that we will donate all the money at the end of the year to Gelsenkirchen packt an – Warm durch die Nacht e.V., it was overwhelming to see the reaction from our colleagues and contractors by giving more money for this purpose. Within 12 Weeks, 300 € were collect in our Donation-Box.

In mid-December, our donation-campaign was supported from our Operation Manager, with the donation of 235,37€ which came from the “Cash-Flow-Box meeting room”. The „Cash-Flow-Box“ is a saving box, where participants of meetings, have to give at least 1€, when they break one of the given meeting rules.


With the Information of the collected money to our Mill Manager, additional 500€ from HRGcame into the Donation-Box. On Friday the 14th January Manuel Gamero and Oliver Schan donated 1.035,37€ in the Name of HRGE to the great people at Gelsenkirchen packt an – Warm durch die Nacht e.V..


It shows once more, that in Gelsenkirchen the attitude of the “miners and workers”, to stand together, to help and support each other are not empty words - it’s an attitude toward life.