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His Eminence visits the Hungarian Paper Museum

On 20 May 2021 in the morning, Cardinal Péter Erdő, the Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, opened a unique Bible history exhibition in the 5-year-old Hungarian Paper Museum in Dunaújváros.

The event was hosted by Museum Director Jenő Pelbárt and Attila Bencs, Managing Director of Hamburger Hungaria housing the museum. Besides a limited number of interested visitors, the local government was also represented by the Mayor of Dunaújváros City Government Tamás Pintér, and Deputy Mayor Endre Barta.

The 5-year-old Hungarian Paper Museum celebrated the re-opening of museums with a remarkable religion related event. The Museum organized a temporary exhibition with the title “Paper in the world of Bibles” exhibiting the most beautiful items from the Mr. Lajos Galambos private collection containing 2,000 different Bibles. Cardinal Péter Erdő was pleased to open the exhibition where numerous original and unique Bibles are displayed.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the model of the 17th century facsimile, that is exact copy or replica, of the first complete Catholic Bible, the so-called Kaldi Catholic Bible, published in 1626. Exact copy means that the copy was made with the technique of the time, moreover, the mistakes that had been made in the original one remained unchanged in the facsimile copy, the production of which required 2 years. Practical purpose of creating this model is to facilitate the production of enough replicas until 2026, which is the 400th anniversary of publishing of this holy object. Besides preserving tradition, the intellectual goal is to pay homage to the 20 craft professions at the time, and especially to paper and book printing techniques.

Another peculiarity of the exhibition is the facsimile copy of the 350-year-old Codex Caioni. The identical copy of the codex, registered as the greatest Hungarian treasure of music history, was presented to the visitors by Dr. György Antal Diószegi.

The temporary exhibition is open until 14 September 2021, in normal opening hours from Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00, along with the permanent collection of the Paper Museum. The exhibition can also be visited at weekends with prior scheduled appointment for groups of more than 30. Visitors are required to have a valid immunity card.


About the Visitor Center of Hamburger Hungaria and the Paper Museum:

The Visitor Center, opened in Autumn 2016, sets out to make the philosophy of the paper industry and the Prinzhorn Group popular as well as to promote the sustainable ecological cycle. The Hungarian Paper Museum is also located here with in an area of more than 1000 m2, incorporating peculiarities of the international and domestic history of paper industry. The unique paper collection is open for everyone.