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supported by Hamburger Containerboard Dunaujvaros (Hungary)

At the request of RUDAS High School and Boarding School (Dunaujvaros), the first environmental competition between the boarding schools of Fejer County was sponsored by Hamburger Hungaria with several rewards.

The basic idea of the competition originates from the fact that the secondary school was awarded with the title of ECO-SCHOOL years ago and as a consequence the school wanted to grow up to the title with real actions. There were competitions between boarding schools in the County, but there have never been competitions on environmental issues. Hamburger Hungaria was pleased to sponsor this initiative at the beginning of 2020. The implementation of the quiz had to be postponed and then forced to go online due to the epidemic situation. However, seven teams were still taking part in the competition.

In the frame of the 5 rounded rivalry, the teams faced with such environmental tasks that required creativity and ingenuity. The results of the multi-month contest were announced in January 2021. In close competition, the team of Lorántffy High School and Boarding School earned the first prize. Congratulations to all winning teams and many thanks to all participants and organizers for the enthusiastic attitude.

Hamburger Hungaria contributed to the competition's prizes with wall calendars, books, paper figures and with a 100% recycled paper roll. Together with the organizers we have already started to think about how we will be able to make use of the playful tasks and quizzes in our CSR projects for the youth’s education.

We will.