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Local Hungary

The new waste2fuel project has reached its highest point

Topping Out Ceremony

On June 23, 2022, Hamburger Hungaria's management organised a topping out ceremony to thank the international design team, local contractors, and subcontractors, as well as the company's project staff for their work so far under the auspices of yet another significant environmental investment at the Dunaújváros site.

The company celebrated the first construction milestone – reaching the highest point of the building - of the €40 million, 100,000 tonnes capacity/year fuel preparation project with a spectacular presentation, useful professional discussions and, finally, a delicious lunch.

In his welcome speech, Attila Bencs, Managing Director of Hamburger Hungária, spoke about the environmental objectives of the project:

"With the construction of this plant, we will use enough secondary fuel in our power plant to have a calorific value equivalent to the amount of natural gas needed for the heating and the hot water supply of the whole of Dunaújváros and its surroundings. In total, we will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an amount equivalent to the emissions of the entire vehicle fleet of Dunaújváros and its surroundings. The new plant will also serve the cause of sustainability well, as the waste prepared here will be used for energy recovery instead of being buried in landfills."

Construction work started in September 2021 and the plant is scheduled to be operational by January 2023. The new facility will also create more jobs in the area.

Mr Uwe Amann, Head of the Group's paper business (Hamburger Containerboard), expressed his gratitude to the 16 companies and their staff who, despite the energy crisis, the problems of supplying building materials due to the Ukrainian-Russian war and the adverse weather, kept to the construction schedule in a disciplined manner.

As stated, in line with the Group's principles, Hamburger Hungária has in the past and will in the future continue to give preference to companies operating in the proximity of its sites. As a result, many familiar faces from Dunaújváros were recognized among the managers of the construction companies invited.