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As a traditional and family company, we consider important to provide young people with a well-grounded education. Consequently, we assume corporate responsibility for our company as well as for our employees and the region we operate in.

Why you might want to be working in the paper industry

  • The Austrian paper and pulp industry offers a stable environment.
  • You will be training and working in an environmentally friendly profession.
  • The paper and pulp industry operates in a sustainable and green way - "green jobs" are an integral part of the industry.
  • Process control is highly demanding and requires special techniques - no other industry innovation.
  • High degree of automation in the day-to-day work.
  • You will be working with various machinery and learn for life.

Our apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship: 3.5 years
Paper technicans look primarily after the supervision and control of the production plants. You set the - mostly - computer-controlled machines and controlling the display (e.g. for temperature and pressure conditions). Check the moisture content of raw and semi-masses as well as ready paper roads and cardboard roads; if necessary, adjust the machine after. The servicing and cleaning of the arrangements also belongs to your duties.
technical understanding, joy in teamwork, responsiveness with disturbance removal, independency

Apprenticeship: 3.5 years
Electrical technicians assemble, install, maintain and repair the electrical equipment, machines and devices throughout the operation. This includes electrical switching and control systems as well as the in the paper machine of the sewage treatment plant and the boiler house the electric machines and components. It also includes the systematic search of malfunctions and their causes to this profession, as well as the prevention of personal injury and the compliance with the quality standards.
Ability to read switch plans and stream plans and other technical draughts and to provide. Knowledge in pneumatics, electrical engineering and electronics

Apprenticeship: 4 years
Process leading engineers as well as arrangements and company leading engineers steer, program and parameterize the arrangements of the energy supply and energy distribution, control technology, measuring technology and control technology as well as the pulse technology with the process leading technology. Nibbles, measuring value transference is carried out, put transmitter and measuring value receiver and parameterized.
Knowledge about kinds and characteristics of control distances and control child. Furthermore regulators and set limbs must become well-chosen and parameterized.

Apprenticeship: 3.5 years
Mechanical engineering engineers fix with the help of the technical documents and machine documentations the working steps, working means and operating procedures, plan and steer the work routines.
Mechanical engineering engineers are occupied with the production of machine parts as well as with the assembly that the installation, the introduction, the servicing and the repair of machines and arrangements. A main focus of the mechanical engineering engineer with special machines like a paper machine lies in the area of hydraulic arrangements, kettle line construction, armatures line construction and pipe line construction, steel construction and light alloy constructions.

Apprenticeship: 3 years
This profession is one of the most versatile training. Industrial clerks are used in almost all areas of a modern company are used, such as financial and accounting, bookkeeping and accounting services, Human Resources, Controlling and Sales.
of inclination to office and administrative work, commercial thinking, slope to the handling of data and figures, careful operation, high communication capability, friendly appearance.

Requirements: a successfully completed compulsory education, a sense of responsibility, accuracy and diligence. Furthermore, you have a strong enthusiasm for working in an international company and enjoy working in a team.

Good performance during the apprenticeship will be rewarded. Start your career as an apprentice and gain momentum as you become head of department, workshop manager, machine operator or foreman.

Our apprentices are offered benefits such as bearing of all costs of vocational schooling, travel allowances, participation in excursions and at the day of apprentices as well as free entrance to a fitness centre and free fruits and water at the workplace.

You are welcome to register for a trial day or for your days of practical work experience.
Take this opportunity to find out which possibilities Hamburger Austria has to offer.