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Women's power in the paper industry

Hamburger Containerboard Pitten relies on young women in production and office

Despite the challenges of the Corona crisis, Hamburger Containerboard Pitten has decided to increase its junior team this year as well. Since September 2020, six young, committed apprentices have been strengthening the workforce at the Pitten site. With Nadine Wieser (22) and Lisa Payrich (15), two other young women have decided to start a career in the domestic industry. While Wieser starts her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, Payrich will be mainly involved in the production of the paper machine in her training as a paper technician. The two ladies complete the 15-strong team of apprentices at the Pitten site.

"It is the task of the entire industry to inspire more young women to pursue careers in the industry and to introduce them to the benefits of training to become the top professionals of tomorrow. We are very pleased that we were able to expand our team with six motivated apprentices in the Corona year 2020," explains Josef Krenn, plant manager at the Pitten site. Hamburger advertises "Green Jobs" to the younger generation. 

Without short-time work due to the crisis
Even as a company that is important in crisis, Hamburg's container board was not unaffected by the effects of the Corona crisis. The year has so far been marked by a decline in sales volumes, the introduction of strict hygiene measures and the short-term switch to home office. Nevertheless, during the entire crisis, none of the current 280 employees at the site had to be sent to short-time work. "The fact that we have come through this crisis without short-time working and loss of efficiency naturally makes us proud. This was made possible not least by the commitment of our employees, who supported all safety and hygiene measures with the utmost discipline from day one," says Krenn.