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Quality standards

At W. Hamburger  the concept of quality does not only apply to product characteristics, but it also includes outstanding service, smart logistics and a pleasant customer contact. Due to these quality standards, we have gained an excellent reputation on the European market. The ever-changing demands of our customers motivate us to constantly strive for improvement.


We are ...

... quick and flexible:

Customer enquiries are directly forwarded to the production department enabling us to meet even those on short notice. Standard products are always available. With our automated paper roll storage we are able to offer just-in-time service on a high-end level.

... dedicated:

Our team's autonomy, sense of responsibility and job satisfaction increases through a common mindset and approach. Entrepreneurial staff are fostered and performance-related incentives as well as further training provide new motivation and ensure an innovative team spirit.

... customer-oriented:

We use our know-how to accompany and support our customers and provide product training tailored to suit the individual target group. Together with our customers we develop ideas for the improvement of products which enables us to respond to changing market conditions. In order to ensure great service, a direct contact with our customers is essential.

... innovative:

W. Hamburger was one of the first Austrian companies to becertified according to the standards of ISO 9001:2008 in 1993. The modernisation of the paper machine 3 in January 2002 and the establishment of the paper machine 4 in January 2004 represent further milestones in the development of the Pitten site.

Good Manufacturing Practice for the Manufacture of Paper and Board for Food Contact

Hamburger Containerboard is manufacturer of paperboard and corrugated base papers, which are used, among other things, for the production of food packaging. Our products may come in direct or indirect contact with food. Therefore both, our products and our production processes, have to comply with relevant European and national regulations. The GMP policy of Hamburger Containerboard is based on the CEPI guideline "Good Manufacturing Practice for the Manufacture of Paper and Board for Food Contact" (September 2010, Issue 1).