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CSR “RuhrTalente” Scholarship Programs for Students

As part of our CSR project, Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen decided to provide further special support for a "RuhrTalente" in Gelsenkirchen, which was arranged for us by the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen (Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen).

The aim of the program is to develop the talents and potentials of students from the region, regardless of their origin, status and environment, to strengthen their self-confidence and contribute to their personal development and broaden their minds. 

“RuhrTalente” are recommended for the scholarship program by teachers or talent scouts and selected in a multi-stage selection process by an independent jury of experts. Scholarship holders are distinguished by good academic and extracurricular achievements, social commitment and a high degree of motivation. This applies to “RuhrTalente” Samatin, a 16 years old teenager, from Gelsenkirchen. 

Samatin attend to the 10th class of a secondary modern school in Gelsenkirchen. His aim is to do his final secondary school examination first and later do something with mathematics. At school he volunteers at the school kiosk and in the gardening club, and at home he takes care of his sister. Thanks to the support of Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen, the “RuhrTalente” student scholarship program can support Samatin for at least one school year. The first purchase has already been decided: a laptop. Thanks to that he will not fall digitally behind in times of home schooling. Furthermore, a personal meeting is planned, as soon as the Covid 19 pandemic allows it. Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen would like to support Samatin not only financially, we are also very interested to accompany Samatin during his Education and to help him with advice and support. Preferably for both sides would be to be able to win Samatin for our company later one day after his successful apprenticeship and/or a good graduation from university.

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