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Old turns into new. As the rhythm of nature teaches us.

The sustainable use of renewable raw materials is the greatest challenge facing industry in the 21st century. The careful handling of resources is a natural part of our production: We reduce the use of water and energy through continuous improvements in production processes.

Waste paper raw material

We use recycled paper from printing companies, private households and commercial packaging firms to produce high-quality containerboard. In addition, we support the sustainable use of waste paper in our internal recycling cycle.

Paper as a raw material is ideally suited for sustainable use because, unlike plastic, for example, it is not made from finite raw materials. Thanks to our sustainable resource management, paper production is and will remain highly environmentally compatible.

We fulfil the requirements of the FSC®  standard We thus guarantee our contribution to responsible, sustainable forestry. The technical adjustments in environmental protection and energy efficiency are permanently aligned to the latest standards based on the EU BAT 8 specification. This system also includes an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and an energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001.

Water resource

Water is one of our most important resources. That is why we are committed to the sustainable use of water. We strive to use as little fresh water as possible and to keep as much water as possible in the production cycle. Through anaerobic technology in our in-house wastewater treatment plant, biogas is produced from the wastewater and used as an energy source.


Through targeted innovation, in recent years, we have focused on reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This includes the reduction or more efficient use of energy and energy sources.

With our certified energy management system, we always focus on our use of energy. Our future efforts will focus on the use of efficient systems that allow us to plan more autonomously with regard to the energy market. As a result of our own energy generation, we have already achieved a largely independent and highly efficient energy supply, taking into account combined heat and power generation.