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Tradition und Moderne

The history of papermaking in Spremberg began in 2003 with Thomas Prinzhorn's decision to build a paper machine in the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park. The festive inauguration of the paper factory followed in 2005.

Starting in 2009, 100% white uncoated base paper was produced at the Spremberg site. With a keen eye for the development of the market, the need for white coated paper was recognised early on and the company invested in a coating system, which was put into operation in 2015.

We received the biggest honour for the Hamburger Containerboard in Spremberg in 2018 from our owner, Mr. Prinzhorn, with the announcement and ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the second paper machine. 

The outstanding performance and entrepreneurial vision of the Prinzhorn family spurs us on to continue a sustainable advancement of our company. We rely on "tradition" (experience, common value system), but also on "modernity" (innovative strength, new products and processes, state-of-the-art machines and systems). We do not see any contradiction here – on the contrary. Only those who are aware of "their" past and willing to learn from it are able to shape the future.

    History of Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg

    2020 start of production
    2019 Topping-out ceremony of paper machine 2
    2018 Construction start of paper machine 2
    2015 Commissioning of coating line
    2015 10-year celebration
    2014 Integration Gelsenkirchen
    2013 Continuous permanent operation of the Spreerecycling refuse-derived fuel power plant, expansion of AP space put into operation
    2012 Successful boiler pressure test at Spreerecycling, Spreerecycling starts trial operation as scheduled 2
    2011 Film press conversion, for the first time more than 20,000 t gypsum-grade paperboard produced, new roll packaging line
    2010 Fusion Hamburger Spremberg with Hamburger Rieger
    2009 Conversion to 100% white papers, press conference EBS project
    2008 Awarded with Brandenburg apprenticeship award, power plant notice of approval
    2006 ISO certificate
    2005 Inauguration of paper machine 1
    2004 Topping-out ceremony, trial operation paper machine 1
    2003 Ground-breaking ceremony paper machine 1