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Plant Security

The health and integrity of our employees and visitors are particularly important to us.
That is why occupational safety has the highest priority!
And order and cleanliness mean safety!

All rules and regulations which have been compiled here must therefore be observed and followed, along with all accident prevention regulations, applicable laws and regulations, the trade association rules, information and labels in the factory.

All regulations apply analogously to employees, visitors, external and temporary workers, assembly personnel and carriers/drivers.
Please always work safely and act in accordance with the safety regulations to avoid accidents and injuries.
Keep your workplace and working environment in an orderly condition!

A task / activity / repair / assembly shall not be deemed to be finally completed until the working environment has been properly tidied up and cleaned and all tools and aids have been properly returned to their intended places or stored.

After the completion of work or shifts, the equipment must be properly left behind or handed over. Special rules must be observed, e.g. for fork lifts and cranes. If you notice any improperly performed work, hazards or other deviations from the regulations described here, you are obliged to report this to your supervisor or the contact person at Hamburger Rieger responsible for you.

Your attention and cooperation will help us to work safely, orderly and successfully!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Visitor information

In this section you will find important information about your safety when entering the premises of the Rieger Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg..

Information for external workers

In this section you will find important information and special regulations for external companies that must be observed when working on the premises of Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg.