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Local Hamburger Containerboard Germany Trostberg

Donation for the education of African children

It has become a tradition to make a charitable donation in lieu of Christmas gifts.

Trostberg's Managing Director Georg Voit handed over a Christmas donation of € 1000 to Marianne and Reinhard Penn mid of December. The couple from Trostberg founded the support association "Faraja” in 2009. This association supports educational opportunities for physically handicapped children in Tanzania and Kenya. For example, the money donated enables physically disabled trainees to attend school. Or it is used to equip a workshop, as shown in the photo.

"We are very happy and grateful about it. Especially, because this year many events where we usually collect donations (concert, book bazaar) could not take place due to Corona," says Marianne Penn.

In addition to the monetary donation, there was also a donation in kind: For several years, the paper mill colleagues have been collecting discarded but still usable fashion jewelry for this association. Thus, about 10 kilograms of "Rieger jewels" came together, which will also be sent to East Africa. There, the jewelry will be worn, exchanged for everyday items or will be upcycled.