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Sustainability is the basis of our company business model, where 40 years of tradition is paired with state of art technology.
As a responsible company, Hamburger Hungaria is well aware of the fact that taking up an environmental and social role is essential for its successful integration. In several cases, the company undertakes goals beyond its direct economic interests and intends to contribute to the everyday life of the neighboring settlements.
The environmental role of the company are all the more important, as 90% of all waste paper collected in Hungary are processed by Hamburger Hungaria Ltd., providing a really decisive contribution to meeting the domestic waste-management objectives. The company also supports a more effective domestic selective waste collection and is ready to process the excess base materials domestically.
We currently have more than 400 employees in Dunaújváros. Our priority is to provide the safest and best possible work environment for our colleagues – i.e. civilized working environment, stability, competitive salary and benefit system, modern work wear, continuous training for work safety and first-aid, regular health screening, sports activities and preferential use of recreational opportunities. 
For more details we recommend to read our Sustainability Report.