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Local Hungary

The Lab of Hamburger Hungaria received DCC Certificate of Excellence

In 2019, for the first time, the solid fuel laboratory of Hamburger Containerboard Dunaújváros was tested among international laboratories on the DCC solid fuel compliance test. The round robin tests between laboratories serve not only the careful and extensive qualitative monitoring of the laboratories, but also as verification to partners and the market of the data measured.

More than 400 laboratories form 40 countries participated in the professionally acclaimed DCC test. Mostly those accredited test laboratories participate who can monitor the quality assurance of test results in accordance with EN ISO / IEC 17025. 

Hamburger Hungaria as well as Hamburger Containerboard Division are proud to announce that the laboratory in Dunaújváros, managed by Emese Szlávik, Quality Assurance Manager, has achieved EXCELLENT rating in the test, which is the highest level of proficiency. With this certificate, the laboratory extended its quality assurance capabilities and recognition.

Please accept our congratulations and we wish the colleagues of the Hungarian lab many more achievements in the future!