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Recycling box made of Hamburger Containerboard Pitten corrugated paper receives sustainability award

Smart recycling system for paper towels was awarded in this year's Corrugated Board Award in the category Sustainability

On 5 October, the awarding of the prestigious corrugated board award took place in Vienna for the sixth time in a row. And this year, it has once again been shown that hamburger raw paper made from recycled waste paper meets the highest environmental and quality standards. Dunapack-Packaging uses raw hamburger paper for the production of the new Just In-Paperbox, which was awarded the Sustainability Award during the event. In the smart recycling box, the multi-fold amount of paper towels can be collected than in other containers with the same volume. If a Just In-Paperbox is full, it is easily recycled into paper with its contents.

"As a company dedicated to the circular economy, we are impressed by the Just In-Paperbox system, which makes it possible to recycle paper towels even more efficiently. And we are proud that the winning products of the corrugated board award have once again emerged from our Hamburg raw paper this year," explains Josef Krenn, plant manager of Hamburger at the Pitten site, and congratulates the developers of Dunapack Packaging on the smart recycling box.
More space thanks to sophisticated cardboard system
Frequent hand washing has been part of people's fixed routine since March 2020 at the latest. However, this has also caused a sharp increase in the consumption of paper towels in recent months. With the Just In-Paperbox system, a single recycling box now accommodates multiples of paper towels by pressing cardboard insert sheets into the box from above as soon as it appears to be full. Once the contents are compressed, the insert sheets snap into tabs on the side of the box and paper towels can be thrown in again. Only when the box is filled up to the last stage, it is recycled together with its contents.