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International Prinzhorn Group Hamburger Containerboard

New Year New Power

With the commissioning of the new gas turbine at the Corlu site, Turkey, Hamburger Containerboard was able to implement a new cost-saving project.

The new gas turbine will produce 40,000 megawatt hours of electricity and 162,000 tonnes of steam annually for the Hamburger Containerboard Group.

The project costs, which amount to 2.9 million euros, will be amortized within two years as the new gas turbine covers the total steam consumption of the paper machine.


Hamburger Containerboard

The paper mill at the Corlu site is part of the Hamburger Containerboard division of the Austrian Prinzhorn Group. With the production of 3 million tonnes of paper at ten locations, Hamburger Containerboard is one of the leading producers of high-quality corrugated paper in Europe.