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Hamburger Containerboard invests 20 mio. Euro in Gelsenkirchen Mill.

Machine rebuild completed and production started.

Following a significant upgrade and a downtime of more than three weeks, the Hamburger Rieger paper mill in Gelsenkirchen is online again. With an investment of 20 million Euro the machine setup was updated significantly: Besides an increase in production width to 5 m, the film press and drying section were updated to the latest standards too. In addition, a new pope reeler for wider tambourdiameters and an upgraded soft-nip-calander were installed. The updated setup is able to produce 250.000 tons of uncoated containerboard per year which is an increase of 20% compared to the previous output. The Hamburger Rieger Gelsenkirchen mill is now able to manufacture even more highquality white Testliner and grey plasterboard. At the same time the production process
is in line with state-of-the-art resource management procedures. “With the restart beginning this year we are happy to be online with probably one of the most efficient machines in the market again.” says Andreas Noss, GM of Hamburger Rieger. Jörg Hischemöller, Director Marketing & Sales of Hamburger Containerboard adds: “The increased output and quality in Gelsenkirchen will assist us to compensate for the uncoated paper volume we miss in our Spremberg mill due to an increase in coated white-top testliner capacity.” Hamburger Rieger, with its three German paper mills in Spremberg, Gelsenkirchen and Trostberg is part of the Hamburger Containerboard Division with a total of seven paper mills and 2 Mio tons of produced container board per year. The Prinzhorn Group Hamburger Containerboard Division is part of the Prinzhorn Group, which employs 6.000 people in 15 countries and ranks among the European market leaders in the recycling, paper and packaging industry. With an annual turnover of approximately 1,2 billion Euro, the group is number three in Europe in this segment. The family-owned Prinzhorn Group has its headquarters in Vienna/ Austria and is structured in three divisions: Hamburger Recycling Group (collection and trading of waste-paper), Hamburger Containerboard (production of containerboard) and Dunapack Packaging (corrugated packaging solutions).

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