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Donation to the Gerald Asamoah Foundation for children with Heart Disease

Our annual fund raising action also shows that we do not just think about the paper mill, but also about the people who live around us and are in need of help.

This year one of our donations about €1.000 went to a very special institution, namely the Gerald Asamoah Foundation for Children with Heart Disease. Founder is none other than Gerald Asamoah, the former professional football player for the German national team and FC Schalke 04. We were honoured to welcome Gerald Asamoah as a personal guest to our Christmas party. Initial contact had been made through Ümit Yavuz. Both of the players have been long time members of FC Schalke 04. Gerald Asamoah told us that he himself had suffered from a heart defect since childhood and thanked the management for their great dedication. During this, Ümit Yavuz spontaneously handed round a collection box to gather additional donations from his colleagues, bringing in a further € 411 donation. As a result, the management decided to raise another € 1.000. Thus Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen was able to hand over in total €2.411. Having healthy children is one of the biggest assets one can own. Therefore, with our donation we can contribute in a small way to these brave children and their parents and hopefully put a smile on their faces.