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Quality standards

Service package included – Our Technical Customer Service

The quality of a product or service is the conformity with the specified requirements. Every product, no matter how good it may be, needs an appropriate service package to meet market requirements. In the end, all the wheels have to mesh together to make a special product.


Our TCS team consists of specialists in paper manufacturing and the production of corrugated board and plasterboard liner.

TCS is the interface between the customers and the market, and our own specialized departments. The tasks are varied and each TCS has its own defined customer base with a regional character.


TCS Service Points

  • Interface to the customer (first point of contact) for all technical questions regarding all grades of Hamburger Containerboard.
  • Trouble-shooting at the customer's site.
  • Processing of customer inquiries (statements, questionnaires, quality specifications etc. etc.).
  • Customer training on site or digitally, e.g. Paper College.
  • Internal contact person for the sales department in case of technical problems at the customer site.
  • Complaint handling for technical complaints.
  • Interface between sales department and production/technology departments in case of quality issues.
  • Customer contact for handling complaints (technical issues).
  • Personal customer support during plant visits by customers.


A wide range of quality management measures

Our employees play a major role in our management system Employee qualification and advanced training are important key issues that we deal with on a daily basis. The central basis of our management system is a process-oriented QMS in accordance with ISO 9001. This also included other special requirements for the environmental compatibility of our products and processes. On the one hand an energy management system in order to be able to determine the essential saving potentials in a targeted manner. On the other hand a system according to the requirements of the FSC® standards for an exemplary raw material management.


Best technology

The technology of our paper machines is designed for the best printability and perfect running characteristics. We also designed our quality control system for this purpose. We check the key production parameters in real time and thus guarantee consistent quality. In accordance with international and industry standards, our employees constantly check the technical properties of our products before delivering them to our customers.

Certificates & Statements

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