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Hamburger Containerboard Germany Spremberg

Clean Technology Transition: Our Plant in Spremberg on ZDF Morning Show

In Lusatia, significant efforts are underway to transition to clean technologies amidst ongoing structural changes.

At our paper plant in Spremberg, initiatives are being implemented to reduce CO2 emissions and promote circularity. These efforts are part of the broader "Net Zero Valley" project, which aims to showcase innovative ideas for sustainable industry and contribute significantly to the region’s environmental goals. The region of Lusatia is showing potential to become a model for others undergoing similar transformations, and Hamburger Rieger in Spremberg ist taking the lead.

Currently, around 8,000 people in Lusatia are still employed in coal-related industries, but the region around Spremberg has set an ambitious target to stop coal emissions by 2038, marking a significant shift towards a greener future.  

To learn more about these  initiatives and their impact on the region, watch the full segment on the ZDF Morning Show by following this link: