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Gelsen Cup football tournament on April 13th, 2024

On April 13, 2024, an exciting soccer tournament took place in Gelsenkirchen Erle, bringing together soccer enthusiasts from all over the region. The tournament started with some challenges and ended with an exciting final game.

From left top row: Maurice Deal, Wolfgang Leitner, Manuel Gamero, Maik Bach, Guido Potrykus, Kian Tosun, Middle row: Darius Wosnitzek, Nadira Husanovic From left bottom row: Florian, Fuchs, Sascha Potrykus, Sebastian Bohnenkamp, ​​Marcel Bach

The tournament, which initially had some difficulties, developed into an exciting competition as the day progressed. Teams from the area competed against each other to achieve victory and show off their skills on the field.

Despite initial hurdles, our colleagues managed to improve and give their best. The last game of the day was particularly remarkable because it was characterized by high intensity and great commitment. The players showed their skills and fought hard for every ball. At the end of the tournament, one team was able to emerge as deserved winners. The tournament was not only a sporting event, but also an opportunity for players and spectators to experience passion and enthusiasm for football together. The football tournament in Gelsenkirchen Erle on April 13, 2024 will certainly be remembered, both for the players and for those who followed the tournament. It was a day full of exciting moments and passionate football that brought the community together and celebrated the joy of the game.

It certainly won't be the last tournament of its kind.

Good luck
Marcel Bach