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Welcome to Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen

Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen offers its European customers and partners a complete range of high-quality corrugated base papers, which is produced from 100% recovered paper. In Gelsenkirchen we currently have 163 qualified and motivated employees who take care of all aspects of paper. We can proudly claim to be the market and quality leader in Europe!

Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen

Hamburger Rieger Gelsenkirchen GmbH & Co.KG
Alfred-Zingler-Straße 15
45881 Gelsenkirchen

Phone: +49 209 8004-0
Fax: +49 209 8004-109
Email: office.gel(at) 

Your contact persons at location Gelsenkirchen

Nadira Husanovic
Operation Director
Marcel Laermann
Head of Administration
Telephone:+49209 8004 190
Susanne Frauenstein
Assistant Operation Management
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Telephone:+49209 8004 113
Maik Bach
Head of Mechanik
Simon Schleich
Head of EMCT
Sandra Lappe
Business Partner Human Resources (Gelsenkirchen)
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Daniela Bomm-du Pin
HR Specialist (Gelsenkirchen)
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Manuel Gamero
Technical Purchasing
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Erika Keller
Raw Materials
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Markus Schieban
Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Telephone:+49209 8004 147
Frank Bialowons
Teamlead Disposition and Planning
Marius Biedermann
Logistics Backoffice
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Fabian Czychun
Logistics Backoffice
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Lars Steffenmunsberg
Logistics Backoffice
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Peter Berghane
Head of Logistics
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG
Christian Marczinczik
Head of Technology
Hamburger Containerboard GmbH & Co. KG

About Hamburger Containerboard Gelsenkirchen

Tradition and innovative spirit

The Hamburg Containerboard first started papermaking in Germany at Trostberg, more than 100 years ago, originally under the name of the company founder: Rieger. From the production of handmade paperboard and cardboard, development became focused, over the decades and then with the acquisition by the Austrian based W. Hamburger AG (1989), on white testliners. Over the years RiegerLiner has become a brand name in its own right. The successful development and progress in this product segment then led to the construction of the new plant in Spremberg. The PM1 went into operation in 2005.

After the merger of both locations in 2010, Hamburg Containerboard was expanded in 2014 with the Papierfabrik (paper mill) in Gelsenkirchen. Today Hamburger Containerboard is the market leader in the field of coated and uncoated white testliners. The names of the original company founders, Wilhelm Hamburger (Pitten, Austria) and Johann Rieger (Trostberg, Germany), are retained to this day in the names of our companies.

The entrepreneurial vision and outstanding achievements of our company forefathers and the Prinzhorn family set a precedent for the continuous sustainable development of our company for the future, to which we are all bound. Through this we embody both Tradition - our shared experience and common value set - and Innovative Spirit - our capacity to innovate, develop new products and processes, and implement state-of-the-art machinery and systems. We do not see any contradiction here – on the contrary. Only those who are aware of their past and willing to learn from it are able to shape the future.

And this symbiosis of old and new is what defines us: For example, our board machine 1 has been running, on and on, for 95 years (!); the paper machine 1 in Trostberg for 28 years, the paper machine in Gelsenkirchen for 50 years and the PM1 in Spremberg for a mere 15 years. All of this – and much more – constitutes our "fascination for paper"!

History of the Gelsenkirchen location

2022 Pre-acidification container
2021 New construction Autoline
2020 Construction of new soft nip calender
2018 Construction of new power plant
2016 Modification of the PM1
2014 Acquisition of Papierfabrik Gelsenkirchen by Hamburger Rieger Group
2012 Certification to the FSC standard, launch of implementation of integrated management system and introduction of DIN EN ISO 50001
2011 Construction and commissioning of floatation plant for water pre-treatment in the inlet to the biological cycle water treatment plant
2010 Construction of a biological cycle water treatment plant with CHP to clean the cycle tanks and reduce water consumption and waste water pollution

Performance Data

Paper machine 1 


Production  253,000 tonnes/year
Working width  505 cm
Operational speed  960 m/min.
Grammage  120 bis 235 g/m2
Products  White faced testliner, gypsum grade liner board, brown testliner


Machine features:

  • Fourdrinier machine with top screen
  • 6 double row dryer groups
  • Implemented film press
  • 2 slalom dryer groups
  • Soft-Nip calender
  • Fully automatic Metso WinDrum roll cutter

Factory Safety

The health and physical safety of our employees and visitors are of utmost importance to us.

People are central to our operation, so occupational safety takes the utmost priority!

For this reason, it is essential that all the rules and regulations that we have compiled here are strictly observed and adhered to. This equally applies to the applicable accident prevention regulations, all valid laws and statutory regulations, regulations stipulated by trade associations, and the rules and information as well as all signage in the factory.

All these rules and regulations apply to our permanent staff as well as by analogy to any visitors, external and temporary workers, installation personal and transport company drivers.

Please always work and act safely and conduct yourself in such a manner that accidents and injuries are avoided. Our target is zero accidents.

But order and cleanliness are also a part of safety!

Any activity, regardless of its nature, is only considered to have ended when the working environment has been tidied up and cleaned properly and all tools and consumables have been properly returned or stored in the designated places.

Plant and equipment must be left or handed over in accordance with regulations. Within these activities, special rules, for example with materials handling equipment (forklifts, hi-reach platforms, cranes, etc.) must be adhered to.

If you notice any work being improperly executed, or see hazards or other deviations from the regulations described here, you are obliged to report this to your supervisor or the contact person responsible for you in the company.

Take personal responsibility for tidiness and cleanliness by leaving your workplace and work environment in a good state.

Through your diligence and cooperation, you create the basis for orderly, smooth, safe and successful work.  

At our location in Gelsenkirchen we are on the right track, and have significantly reduced the number of accidents in recent years. We focus on open communication, because knowledge helps to avoid risks and thus accidents.

We thank you for your support!


Information for external companies

Here you will find important information and special regulations for external companies that must be observed when working on the premises of Hamburger Rieger Gelsenkirchen GmbH & Co KG: