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Welcome to Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg

After the completion of our expansion project – construction of a second paper machine – Spremberg is the largest location of the Hamburg Containerboard Division with an annual production of about 840,000 tons of paper. 

Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg

Hamburger Rieger GmbH, Paper mill Spremberg
An der Heide B5
03130 Spremberg

Phone: +49 3564 378-0
Fax: +49 3564 378-21090
Email: office.spr(at) 


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Arno Liendl
Operation Director
Telephone:+493564 378-0
Jana Derno
Finance Director
Telephone:+49 3564 378-0

About Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg

With approximately 450 employees, Hamburger Conntainerboard in Spremberg is one of the largest employers in the region.

In addition to the production of white uncoated corrugated containerboard, we also produce high-quality white coated papers under the RiegerCoat Economic name. The portfolio is rounded off by the production of various gypsum-grade paperboard types.

Tradition and modernity

The history of papermaking in Spremberg began in 2003 with Thomas Prinzhorn's decision to build a paper machine in the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park. The festive inauguration of the paper factory followed in 2005.

Starting in 2009, 100% white uncoated base paper was produced at the Spremberg site. With a keen eye for the development of the market, the need for white coated paper was recognised early on and the company invested in a coating system, which was put into operation in 2015.

We received the biggest honour for the Hamburger Containerboard in Spremberg in 2018 from our owner, Mr. Prinzhorn, with the announcement and ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the second paper machine. 

The outstanding performance and entrepreneurial vision of the Prinzhorn family spurs us on to continue a sustainable advancement of our company. We rely on "tradition" (experience, common value system), but also on "modernity" (innovative strength, new products and processes, state-of-the-art machines and systems). We do not see any contradiction here – on the contrary. Only those who are aware of "their" past and willing to learn from it are able to shape the future.

History of Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg

2020 start of production
2019 Topping-out ceremony of paper machine 2
2018 Construction start of paper machine 2
2015 Commissioning of coating line
2015 10-year celebration
2014 Integration Gelsenkirchen
2013 Continuous permanent operation of the Spreerecycling refuse-derived fuel power plant, expansion of AP space put into operation
2012 Successful boiler pressure test at Spreerecycling, Spreerecycling starts trial operation as scheduled 2
2011 Film press conversion, for the first time more than 20,000 t gypsum-grade paperboard produced, new roll packaging line
2010 Fusion Hamburger Spremberg with Hamburger Rieger
2009 Conversion to 100% white papers, press conference EBS project
2008 Awarded with Brandenburg apprenticeship award, power plant notice of approval
2006 ISO certificate
2005 Inauguration of paper machine 1
2004 Topping-out ceremony, trial operation paper machine 1
2003 Ground-breaking ceremony paper machine 1

Economic development


Supported by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family from funds of the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg.

The ground-breaking ceremony on 26/9/2018 marked the official start of construction and  recruiting of the PM2.

The aim is to build the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced paper machine.

Traditional analogue paper production is increasingly accompanied by digital networking and control of all value-added processes. In order to meet the growing demands of employees for individual support and thus to remain attractive as employers, concepts geared to individual support are playing an increasingly important role.

Within the framework of the project, both the existing jobs were secured and new jobs were created.

Depending on their previous knowledge, between 2019 and 2021, new employees will be trained using the modular advanced training concept.

The concept consists of 4 pillars. Analysis and data competence is a focal point. With the introduction of an e-learning platform in particular, we want to make it easier for our colleagues to learn and access information. The advanced training is specifically designed to enable employees to operate the most modern and technologically advanced paper machine.

Prinzhorn Holding is an international company with 9,800 employees in 16 countries. Due to the international nature of the company, English has been introduced as the group language in all divisions. To promote communication across the company, good English skills are crucial.

In-house talent development has enabled employees to progress to management positions. Personality training is a good way to grow into the new area of responsibility.

The project secured existing jobs and promoted employees' skills and competencies.

The European Social Fund (ESF) is Europe's main instrument for the promotion of employment. It promotes equal opportunities on the labour market, supports people in accessing better jobs and in vocational training and qualification.

In the state of Brandenburg, ESF funding programmes in the 2014-2020 funding period are aimed at improving employment opportunities and promoting education, securing skilled workers and integration into employment. The ESF thus contributes to poverty reduction and to strengthening social cohesion.

The ESF invests in people. It supports companies and employees in qualifying and securing skilled workers. The ESF promotes equal opportunities and access to employment. It thus makes a contribution to strengthening social cohesion and combating poverty.

Performance data

Paper machine 1

Production   330,000 tons/year
Working width   530 cm
Operating speed   1,200 m/min
Grammage   120 to 180 g/m2
Products   White coated and uncoated Testliner, Plasterboardliner


Machine features:

  • Gapformer, 2 fourdrinier wires, dilution water control
  • Press section designed for smoothness
  • Film press (pigmentation, precoating)
  • 2 calenders
  • QLS/PLS, on-line colour measurement
  • Line inspection system
  • Fully automatic reel cutter with dust extraction
  • Automatic reel packaging system

Paper machine 2

Production   495,000 tons/year
Working width   780 cm
Operating speed   1,250 m/min
Grammage   90 to 180 g/m2
Products   White Testliner, Brown Testliner


Machine features:

  • Stock preparation with deinking 
  • 1 gapformer, 1 fourdrinier wire
  • Press section designed for smoothness
  • Film press (pigmentation)
  • softnip calender
  • QLS
  • Line inspection system
  • Fully automatic reel cutter with dust extraction

Factory Safety

The health and physical safety of our employees and visitors are of utmost importance to us.

People are central to our operation, so occupational safety takes the utmost priority!

For this reason, it is essential that all the rules and regulations that we have compiled here are strictly observed and adhered to. This equally applies to the applicable accident prevention regulations, all valid laws and statutory regulations, regulations stipulated by trade associations, and the rules and information as well as all signage in the factory.

All these rules and regulations apply to our permanent staff as well as by analogy to any visitors, external and temporary workers, installation personal and transport company drivers.

Please always work and act safely and conduct yourself in such a manner that accidents and injuries are avoided. Our target is zero accidents.

But order and cleanliness are also a part of safety!

Any activity, regardless of its nature, is only considered to have ended when the working environment has been tidied up and cleaned properly and all tools and consumables have been properly returned or stored in the designated places.

Plant and equipment must be left or handed over in accordance with regulations. Within these activities, special rules, for example with materials handling equipment (forklifts, hi-reach platforms, cranes, etc.) must be adhered to.

If you notice any work being improperly executed, or see hazards or other deviations from the regulations described here, you are obliged to report this to your supervisor or the contact person responsible for you in the company.

Take personal responsibility for tidiness and cleanliness by leaving your workplace and work environment in a good state.

Through your diligence and cooperation, you create the basis for orderly, smooth, safe and successful work.  

At our location in Gelsenkirchen we are on the right track, and have significantly reduced the number of accidents in recent years. We focus on open communication, because knowledge helps to avoid risks and thus accidents.

We thank you for your support!


Information for external companies

Here you will find important information and special regulations for external companies that must be observed when working on the premises of Hamburger Rieger Gelsenkirchen GmbH & Co KG: