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Apprentices support Kneipp-Verein

Winter may come - at least as far as the Kneipp pool is concerned, because it is now well prepared for the cold season.

The pool, which has been left out in the meantime, recently received a new cover after the old one had finally had its day. For this reason, the Kneipp Association had approached Hamburger Containerboard with a request for support. As a result, the head of mechanics, together with some Kneippians, drew up a sketch, which the trainees were commissioned to implement. Together with a welding specialist, they produced the new stainless steel skeleton (see photo) in two days. In the meantime, this was covered with a protective all-weather tarpaulin so that the Kneipp pool will survive the cold weather caprices well.

Commercial Manager Markus Grysko (left) and Managing Director Georg Voit (right) handed over the noble steel framework to the representatives of the Trostberg Kneipp Association Lothar Eder, Markus Bernauer, Carlo Boxhammer, Maria Eder, Hermine Roth and Siegi Beisl and are pleased to have provided a piece of "neighborly help".