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Hamburger Containerboard

Awarded: Pleasure about the EcoVadis sustainability medal

Hamburger Containerboard with international EcoVadis sustainability rating

At Hamburger Containerboard, we have been consistently investing in the area of sustainability for years - and by this we mean much more than environmental protection: for us, sustainability is about making decisions that reliably benefit the environment, our company and our employees in equal measure over the long term. The success of this approach has now been confirmed for the first time by the international assessment organization EcoVadis, which awarded us a bronze medal.


EcoVadis rates sustainability

EcoVadis is a recognized, independent organization that measures and evaluates corporate performance in the area of sustainability. This year, for the first time, we were included. For this, we answered an extensive list of questions in detail from the four sustainability areas "Environment," "Labor and Human Rights," "Ethics" and "Sustainable Procurement." Our answers were analyzed in detail by EcoVadis, the results compared with the performance of other companies in our industry and published on the EcoVadis website.


Hamburger Containerboard awarded

To our great delight, we were able to achieve 50 out of a possible 100 points from a standing start, thus securing one of the coveted bronze medals. Our performance in the areas of "Environment" and "Labor and Human Rights" was rated above average.


Successful circular economy

We scored highly here with our business model, which is based on the idea of a circular economy. We attach great importance to reducing the use of energy and raw materials, expanding recycling, and strengthening and promoting our employees.


Result of committed partnership

This award is the result of hard work and proof of the commitment and perfect cooperation of many different departments at Hamburger Containerboard and numerous partners outside the company.


Thank you to everyone who made this success possible!