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Hamburger Containerboard Germany Trostberg

Celebrate, and do some good at the same time

During Hamburger Containerboard's 111th anniversary celebration in Trostberg on September 22, donation boxes were set up at all the food stands. These filled up more and more during festive afternoon. A total of 800 € was collected. The management increased this amount by 111%, so that a total of 1688 € was reached for charity.


This amount was divided and went to the three charitable Trostberg associations:

- Kneipp Association e. V.

- Working group "Notleidende in Trostberg" e. V. and

- "Faraja means comfort" e. V.

Georg Voit (left) and Markus Grysko from the management handed over the symbolic donation checks to Marianne Penn (left) from "Faraja heißt Trost", Hermine Roth (center) from the Kneipp Association and Claudia and Wolfang Maier from the working group "Hilfe für Notleidende für Trostberg".