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Local, Trostberg

Christmas Donations for "Faraja"and "BALU"

“Donating instead of giving" has been the Christmas motto at Hamburger Containerboard in Trostberg for many years. This year, two regional charitable…
Local, Gelsenkirchen

Break arrangement à la Hamburger Containerboard

The school director Mrs. Selonke and the teachers of the Peter Ustinov School wanted to bring a breath of fresh air into the children's breaks by…
Local, Hungary

“Paper and Environment”

Exhibition and Conference at Hamburger Containerboard Dunaújváros
Local, Gelsenkirchen

Bachelor of Engineering" graduation trip, specialising in paper technology

On September 27th we were visited by the bachelor`s class TPT18 of DHBW Karlsruhe which just has finished.
Local, Trostberg

500 sustainable hotels for wild bees

Hamburger Containerboard Trostberg is setting a sustainable and environmentally friendly example by providing 500 insect hotels made of corrugated…
Local, Hamburger Containerboard, Germany, Trostberg

What does a paper technologist do?

This question was given as a task to our trainees. We wanted to know how they see the job of a paper technologist.

Final! Vaccination Campaign Covid 19

On 04 August, the second round of vaccinations was given.
Local, Gelsenkirchen

We stick close together!

The flood disasters in North Rhine-Westphalia and other federal states and the fates associated with them are currently keeping us all very busy.
Local, Gelsenkirchen

Vaccination against the Covid 19 virus in Gelsenkirchen

On 23 June 2021, a large number of our employees, their relatives and some of external companies were vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

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