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500 sustainable hotels for wild bees

Hamburger Containerboard Trostberg is setting a sustainable and environmentally friendly example by providing 500 insect hotels made of corrugated cardboard to social institutions such as kindergartens or lunchtime care centres in the Trostberg area.

The houses were manufactured at Dunapack Spremberg in corporation with the Spremberg paper mill. The fully assembled insect hotels are 40 cm wide, 34 cm high and made of natural brown corrugated cardboard. They can withstand the odd shower of rain, but should be hung in a sunny spot where they are protected from the weather. Wild bees do not like to settle in colonies and are dependent on such nesting aids. The little houses round off gardens, flower meadows and balconies in a natural and useful way and are also a natural eye-catcher.

"With this campaign, we want to transfer our sustainability values, which we reinforced with the production switch to recovered paper more than 30 years ago, to the day-care centres. Children can learn about a vivid example of ecology that is suitable for everyday use and create the houses themselves," says Managing Director Georg Voit.